Fauna in Haast

Birds of New ZealandA lot of the regular fauna available in the region are common in Haast but the best part of it all is the birdlife.

Birdwatchers will be quite content with the selection of unique birds found here as no other similar birdwatching option is quite the same as that which can be experienced in this part of the planet.

Of all the birds available, the Tui is unique to New Zealand. The name is Maori in origin and the Tui bird has another name: Parson bird. This name was given to it by English people because of the resemblance the bird has to the attire of a parson.

The kiwi is another bird which is flightless and unique to New Zealand as well. It is an endangered species and can be found in Haas t, it is also the national symbol of New Zealand.

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