HAAST- Wear to Care

At Haast we donate proceeds of every purchase to environmental, animal, and human service causes. As a brand we understand the importance of transparency for our customers. Our first three workout sets consist of a nylon, spandex, polyester material. A very cozy, stretchy blend perfect for wearing in all sorts of activities. But with new knowledge from developing this brand we discovered how bad the fashion industry truly is for our environment. In fact it is the second largest polluter in the world. This is why with our launch the first three workout sets will have 100% of the proceeds donated to the causes. Once these products are sold all of our products to come will contain recycled material. We promise the same comfort but with better outcomes for our environment. At Haast we value our waste as our responsibility. We know change for the better starts with us, the people, collectively together. As an athletic wear company we want to give you products you’ll love with out damaging our beautiful planet. 
          Founded on the concept of change
Haast stands for change. The name comes from the Haast eagle, an extinct species from New Zealand’s prehistoric fauna. This species of eagle was the largest and the heaviest known to have existed. A bill larger and stronger than the largest living vulture species, with feet and claws as big as a modern day tiger’s. These characteristics made it the top predator of its inhabited land. The eagle went extinct 500-600 years ago. How could such a fierce predator go extinct? Humans. Between overhunting of its main prey source by people, the burning of its habitat by people, and the possibility of being hunted by people. We pushed them to extinction. Fast forward to the present time we have lost nearly 60% of our wildlife since 1970 alone. We use the Haast eagle to represent how our actions have many consequences. These actions aren’t typically directed toward destruction but still lead us on a destructive path. Here at Haast we as a business are on the path to using recycled materials and being 100% plastic free when it comes to shipping. 
The logo
The Haast logo is an open delta symbol representing the openness to change. The circle inside represents protection. At Haast we strive to do better together. We acknowledge the roles all living things play in making our home on earth healthy and beautiful.